U.S. Logistics Industry Poised for Rebound

by admin on August 6, 2010

Last week, we posted about the 2009 3pl study sponsored by Panalpina and a host of others.  We were also reading this more recent Logistics study by Penske and found it useful.  Some bright spots in trucking and air, but less so in ocean shipping.

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According to the Penske site:  “The ocean/waterway sector is where the real “sad story” lies. Almost 20 percent of the container fleet is idle and many ocean shippers, such as Maersk, reported losses for the first time ever last year. Ocean carriers are expected to remain significantly over capacity in the next few years, resulting in longer shipping times and less delivery reliability.”

- Rosalyn Wilson, State of Logistics Report Author

Since 1988, the “State of Logistics Report®” has tracked and measured all costs associated with moving goods through the U.S. supply chain. The report benchmarks key metrics in U.S. logistics such as transportation and inventory-carrying costs, freight volumes, and revenues, giving practitioners a big-picture view of the performance of the U.S. supply chain process.

Here is a link to the press release, which also links to the trends and outlook commentary video: State of Logistics Look for a list of them on the far right column of the page when you get there.

One highlight, noted at SupplyChainBrain:

• Water sector costs fell 21.6 percent and all of the nation’s top 10 ports, except Oakland, registered a decline in TEUs moved. Rates in this sector were pushed down below costs early in 2009 but have risen significantly in recent months.

Hat tip also to Freight Dawg for useful commentary on this Logistics report.

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